The Words Unsaid

I walk a road of life,

And fly in dreams each night,

Wake up to wonder what it takes,

To give the world its awaited change,

We’re turning jaded and withered,

Something that wasn’t part of the life I considered,

Sleeping restless,

Waking listless,

The human system, nothing more than a machine,

Not a scintilla of love,

A lessened hope, with a dying sheen

But this dawn brings me back,

To the days of a kinder life, filling in what lacks,

My childhood, though lived,

Remains there, unmoved and still.

Days when angels lived in trees,

And each bird sang just for me,

I see myself as I walk through the innocence,

My eyes sparkle in it; I knew it was there once

There I am, falling off a bicycle complicated with gears,

And there was my brother, his smile silencing all my tears,

I held onto my father’s fingers,

That kept me from where I must not linger,

I still walk on, and he still walks along

I ran through the fields, soaking in the blue and the sun

Playing and cheering, licking ice-creams and cones…having more than just fun,

Smothered in pinks and wishes,

Topped with hugs and kisses,

Each birthday a birth,

Each day a new on this Earth,

The twinkle of my eyes would betray my thought,

And my mischief would be caught before long.

My mother loved with all her soul and I laughed

When I heard her say ‘You’re a gift from God’

The blur is now clearer,

I’m not just a viewer,

The past brightened what the future should be,

And taught me to take care of not only the world, but me

The rivers shall flow to their love,

Granting peace and tranquility to my nerves,

The gambles end once and for all,

For in the distance I can hear happiness call,

With a last gaze back, around I turn,

And step outside, to feel the blue and the sun,

A smile sneaked into my lips,

A new era had begun…

For this morning,

A child enlightened an adult.


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