You Are. Therefore I Am.

You build me, you strengthen me,

Why do you then put me to test?

You wash me, you cleanse me,

Why do you then put me out in the dust?

You stitch the wound, wipe away the blood,

Why do you then leave me at the end of a knife?

You teach me silence, give me peace,

Why do you then keep me stranded in bedlam?

You deliver me from agony, break my apathy,

Why do you then take me farther from salvation?

It takes longer than I believed possible,

It breaks my resolve, questions my courage,

But weakness is only a state of mind you said,

If I couldn’t be the best at what I did, why do it?

You’re gone, but I still feel your burning gaze,

Watching over, letting me fight my battles,

Your essence releases my passion,

I’ll see you at the end, for I have longed to tell you,

If I ever had a God, you alone would be mine.


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