Cloak of Shadows


Do you want to be free? What would you do to keep the reins of your life in your own hands? Would you ever be dependent on someone who you feel the farthest from? Never, or so we thought. It was simple, like black and white. But what we didn’t realize was that freedom comes with a price, a price that is beyond what most can pay. From a very morbid yet true perspective, it is easier to live in shackles and beat ourselves up. Human proximity beats the thought of being alone, the price in exchange for freedom. Independence may have a heroic ring to it, but it is still a gateway to uncertainty, doubts and fear. But how long will you deny it? Will you wait until the handcuffs have sliced through your wrists, brought your bones to sunlight? We are all scared, we are all terrified of making it on our own.  Loneliness is not a consequence, it’s an attribute of the heart, and it is its most permanent resident. Let’s not let it get in the way of the freedom of our mind. We can’t wear the cloaks of their shadows anymore. Walk away once, and life begins to complete the puzzle and heal our hearts. Eventually, when the madness of the better life gets the better of us and we return to the dreadful question of why we left, all we have to do is visit where or who we broke free from. We will realize exactly why we had chosen to leave in the first place


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