Don’t Ask Me Who I Am…Yet

You ask me about all that I am,

I can tell you I have asked myself that.

I am a writer but I am afraid of the words,

I am a leader but I am afraid of the crowd,

I am a speaker but I am afraid of the spotlight,

I am a believer but my faith is brittle,

I want to express how I feel but can’t say,

I am a lover but my love is in hiding,

I am a poet but my pen is shaking,

I am a traveler but my roots are too strong,

I am a friend but I don’t know how to be,

I am a happy child but carry a strange thought,

Have you looked inside yourself lately?

I do everyday.

I am everything I set out to be,

Maybe I will show you someday.

And that day, I will be so much more than

A fearless soul trapped in a fearful body.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me Who I Am…Yet

  1. Favourite part “last paragraph”

    Inner Strength is a must
    A holy grail of survival,
    Beauty of Life, you ask?
    It is a carnival
    with a veil
    of arduous tasks.
    Carry on . . .
    Turn into ashes we must
    one day.


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