Why Women’s Day Kind Of Hurts My Feelings…

It is a day of celebration, it is a day of pride: it is the International Women’s Day. I am a woman and I should in fact spring out of bed fresh and ready to take on the day to come, more so today than any other day. But I’m just in bed doing absolutely nothing, my hand occassionally venturing out of the blanket to grab the glass of orange juice on my bedside table. There’s something I need to get off my chest before I can gather the strength to face the sunlight.

Despite all the brouhaha, Women’s Day makes me sad. It is projected as a sign of our strength, when in reality it depicts just the opposite. Think about it, why do we dedicate a ‘Day’ to something or someone in the first place? To signify a minority’s achievements? To bring attention to a cause? To empower a weaker sect? Is that what we are, still a struggling weaker sex? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a girl and love feeling special, complete with the butterflies shindig. But this day makes me feel more disconnected than ever. Women have been around for as long as men, but we are still dependent on a Day to tell everyone we mean something too. It’s like an international day to tap men on their shoulders and say ‘Hey look! I’m a woman, take notice, I’m more than just a secondary sex!’ The only bright spot is that I see articles and slideshows on the internet about ordinary women doing extraordinary things. Why can’t I see more of them every other day?

Why are we still struggling to be considered ‘normal’? Why are we still protesting and fighting just to be an equal human? Why do we still need to draw special attention of the world to ourselves? It is because we are still fighting rape, genital mutilation, female infanticide, pressures of a patriarchal society, insecurity, discrimination, forced prostitution to show the tip of the iceberg. There’s not much to celebrate there. If attention needs to be drawn, it needs to be drawn to these issues, not the entire gender as a whole, because when I’m going through the list of Days reading about World Cancer Day, World Refugee Day and World Diabetes Day, I kind of feel uncomfortable when I read International Women’s Day.

Let’s just stand up straight, lead a brave life and follow our dreams like anyone else, because we’re women who don’t need pitiful dedications on a special day, we just need the world to take our hands and walk with us…everyday.


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