Definition of What Could Be

The raw nature of passion, the sweet kiss of ecstasy,

The fine taste of the unknown, a whiff of adventure,

Have you ever known them personally?

What is some blood that doesn’t flow free?

What is some rebellion that dies within your bosom?

What they teach you in those rooms is barely worth a breath,

They’re not enlightening you; they’re just putting out the fire.

Find the courage in your heart, not in their approval,

They understand the spirit of freedom as clearly as

The blind man describes the beautiful day.

Where’s your flame? Where’s your drive?

Did you lose them on your way to the job your father forced you to take?

You might want to take that box out again,

You might want to tune your instruments again.

I was deemed insane, and I embrace my insanity,

Now I’m reaching out for you…

Look, son! They’ve buried your imagination already! Don’t let them bury your soul!

You know why?

Because it’s not a life if it’s lived from the dusty corners of another’s desires


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