Just fall in love already!

Other women(and occasionally men) seem to comprehend a great deal more in my idea of love than I do myself, effectively removing the simplicity that surrounds it and attaching a forced ostentatiousness to it. I take no part in adding such glamour to it. Exasperated, they ask me ‘What will it take for you to just fall in love with a man already?!’. I would like to assume that my demand is simpler than most women’s. I tell them, ‘Why, all he needs to do is surprise me!’. Teehee.


2 thoughts on “Just fall in love already!

  1. I believe that is correct and I find the best way to keep things ‘fresh’ with my wife is to surprise her as if we are still in that ‘courting’ phase. I think if you forget that the relationship has the opportunity to grow stale.


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