I am a Girl. You may now assess my morality based on the length of my shorts.


Women have been around as long as men. In all cultures, part of all races. Unlike discrimination based on colour, where the circumstances allowed for one set of people to be introduced to another ‘new’ set of people and the subsequent bias brought around by varying levels of melanin, discriminatory attitudes against women are harder to source to one reason. They have been an integral part of societies across the globe, irrespective of whether or not these societies interacted with each other. They have always known about a woman, what she is …WHO she is. There exists class discrimination and if that wasn’t enough, classes chose to discriminate against women within the same class. What is horrifying about this entire idea is the fact that women are as old as men, but we are still fighting for our right to even wear the clothes of our choice. Our substance is considered a tangible product just like our clothing (wait, forgive me. I forgot they are in fact the same thing. Silly cough syrup trolling my mind). I must come from a highly immoral family for preferring tank t-shirts and shorts in the summer. I must have disgusting company for wearing a body-fitting dress.
How about NO?
What’s even worse is the fact that a lot of women judge other women based on the length of clothing probably even more than men do. So if you’re one of those distasteful women, trust me when I say this: Your longer shirts do not automatically give you claim to the Moral Goddess title, because when we peel away the layers of protective, conservative pretense, your ‘secrets’ are just as bad(if not worse). Some women like longer shirts, some like shorter ones. Why are we having such a difficult time trying to to arrive in a time when neither group imposes their ideas on the other? Why do we refuse to respect people’s choices and their freedom to make them? As far as the sub-group of the male gender popularly known as the self-proclaimed-tougher-sex-that-appointed-themselves-female-clothing-experts is concerned, please know that if your boys are growing up drooling over the knees and shoulders of their female counterparts, you must be doing something unbelievably wrong. Maybe you should be shifting your focus, re-evaluating your small-mindedness and noting what is inherently wrong in a society that leaves men to be animals, and having women be the only humans making sure they do not instigate the animal. So…there’s a good chance smartasses of yesteryear, some of today and hopefully fewer of tomorrow, you may have been targeting the wrong gender to correct all this time.


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