Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted. His lawyer, Marie Henein, is apparently a ‘cold hearted bitch’. Cool. Since the moment this man stepped out of the courthouse, every single person, man or woman, has called it a disgrace. Here’s an idea, how many of these people have actually taken the time to follow the case to its core, review the cross examinations, analyzed the witnesses’ and/or victims’ statements for their verity?
Now I, personally, haven’t had the chance to go through every single detail of the case. From what I understood studying the evidence presented, the victims’ statements and consequent changes in the same, Henein’s cross-examination, emails found ‘after the fact’, there were immense discrepancies in the victims’ statements.
Here’s the thing. I’m a feminist. The kind of feminist who has been told that she is a ‘stuck up bitch’, ‘snobby entitled whore’ and has ‘pussy power’. Okay. Since I know that is how the internet operates, I couldn’t care less. And here’s why:
Any time that I experienced unsolicited flirting, unwanted advances and physical disturbance of my personal space, I have been vocal to call it out. And every single time that I ever had a conversation about such an incident with a male friend, I have noticed him become visibly angry, whether he chose to express it or not. That reminds me that the friends I have are good people, who have respect for humanity and who personally felt hurt for what I went through. There is enough physical/digital evidence on how women have falsely accused men of sexual assault/rape/harassment and what not just to gain money/power/publicity/ a presumed ‘upper hand’ etc. A number of men’s lives have been ruined only because they were falsely accused. Again, I’m a hardcore feminist with ZERO TOLERANCE for assault against ANY gender. But what about men who have suffered at the hands of falsely accusing women? Do they not deserve to be heard? We live in a tricky time, a time where women’s rights is one of the hottest as well as one of the most delicate topics around the world. I know for a fact that a number of women have exploited this movement for personal benefit. But then again, is this situation any different from others? Racial discrimination, transgender discrimination? I am certain we know someone who has tried to falsely benefit from these movements and in the process, disgraced the honest people who have fought for years.
I do not know if Jian Ghomeshi is innocent or not. I do not have all the facts. But since I can see only a one-sided response everywhere, I beg everyone to consider facts and not go by face-value. Maybe he did it, in which case, I will be incredibly disappointed in the judicial system yet again.
But maybe, just MAYBE, he isn’t guilty. Maybe, just MAYBE, that young college student isn’t guilty. Consider facts, research, be aware and question and THEN form opinions.
For fuck’s sake, stop reading articles and take the God damn time to read ACTUAL transcripts. I LOATHE generalization, dismissal of actual grievances, especially those of women, who are in fact afraid to come forward in the first place.
But if you ask me to throw accusations based on mass media reporting, meme website opinions and sorry ass entertainment website authors, well. Fuck you. Yes?
You don’t need to dehumanize men just to humanize women.

I truly hope justice is meted out in the end. There is enough injustice in the world. IF this man is guilty, I hope he gets what he truly deserves in his impending trial.
This isn’t about JUST him. I have had enough literature and research thrown in my face about the kind of degraded lives men dealing with false accusations have to live. It angers me, as a human.
I want justice for the truly innocent, oppressed and misinterpreted men, as much as I do for the truly innocent, oppressed and misinterpreted women.
My humanity and kindness extend BEYOND my gender.

My need to see true justice extends BEYOND my gender.
Let the truth rise. Let it prevail.


One thought on “Understand

  1. All I can say of your post is ‘bravo’! Far too much stuff seems to exist to divide human beings along various lines – be it gender, politics, religion… We have a knack as a species of walling ourselves in against different perspectives (and damn anyone who thinks differently).


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